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4991 Hectares.

The surrounding area is characterized by numerous privately-owned farms, hunting farms and resettlement farms, most of which are farmed intensively with a combination of small stock, cattle, and game.

The property is currently utilized for large stock and game farming.

The farm is bounded externally with game/stock proof fencing. There are 14 inner stock proof camps while the external fences comprise Game/stock fences. There are various mangas, kraals and loading ramps on the farm. The condition of the fencing can be regarded as average to good.

Water at the farm is sourced from 3 installed boreholes. One of the borehole is channelled to 3 water points/cattle post each provided with water troughs concrete/steel via underground PVC (40mm) pipelines ensuring a constant water supply to all areas in need. There is one earthdam on the farm.

Landscapes include valleys, dry rivers running through the farm, with some mountainous areas on the northeast of the farm. The bulk of the farm can be regarded as relatively level.

The vegetation is well suited for cattle, game and small stock farming, which can be regarded as a good mixture (for the area) with an even spread of the following:

“Long-legged Bushman” grass (Stipagrotis Ciliata)

“Short-legged Bushman” grass (Stipagrotis Brevif

“Guinea” grass (Penicum Maximum)

“Appelblaar” bush/tree (Philenoptera Nelsii)

“Swarthaak” bush (Acacia Mellifera)

“Witgat” bush/tree (Boscia Albitrunca)

“Sekel” bush (Pichrostachys Cinerea)

Acacia Tortilis

“Camel thorn trees” (Acacia Erioloba)

“Silver cluster leaf” (Terminalia Sericia)

“Mopanie trees” (Colophospermum Mopane)

Main Dwelling 106 m2

Covered stoep 65 m2

Labourers cottage 22 m2

Shed/garage 73 m2

Pump house 11 m2

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